Monday, January 09, 2006

Getting started

This is my first sentence in a blog.
I'll have to figure out what it can do for me - and what I can do for blogging.

There are quite a number of topics that interest me. Some may be of interest to others.
First of all, I am a person who very much likes to think about the future.
In very much the same measure I am a man of history too.
One is impossible, I feel, without the other.

So that is where I will start.

My history and my future are most of all determined by my background.
This is not a simple background, like..where I was born, or what I am doing in my daily work.

My mind is filled with a huge library of legacies and memories which constitute who I am and how I think about, for intance, the passage of time.

All this, I will clarify along the way, wherever my thoughts carry me.

Just a few data for starters:
- I am 53 years old
- I was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - so:
- I am a Dutchman
- I live in The Hague, often called "The Legal Capital of the World"
- and, yes, I was trained as a lawyer
- I am single (divorced), and I am blessed with a wonderful daughter
- I would call myself a progressive liberal (as opposed to many liberals in Holland who are actually very conservative or right wing)
- I am not at all pleased with the mainstream drift of American and European politics
- this is one of the topics I will most certainly touch upon in my blog.

Today, my greatest concern has been my foolishness over the weekend when I left my bicycle unlocked at the grocery's, only to return this morning to find it gone - taken by someone who
obviously took the opportunity.

Damn! If only I were more careful.


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