Thursday, January 19, 2006

There is no such thing as time - 2

The Universe as we know it is all a jigsaw. We perceive a Universe that is actually a complex puzzle of events that took place at widely different stages of its development. When we read of advanced telescopes able to peer far away in the very outreaches of this great expanse, in fact they look at faint reflections, far out in the distance, of events way down in the past, one a little more close to us perhaps than the other.

Time is just a convenient measurement. It allows us to keep track of things as they progress. Keep track of our own life, history etc. and and it allows us to mark the various events with ‘dates’, or time.

Astronomy is the ongoing adventure of jumbled snapshots.

We cannot tinker with causality. Even if we wish to reverse a certain process – let’s say: if we wish to restore order to something that has gone into disorder – we only add a new causality. We do not really reverse the original events. By the same token we cannot turn back time.

But then, time has become humanity’s first and foremost obsession. It has become an obsession very much in the same period that youth has become an obsession. We do not want to age, but time goes faster en faster. We want to stay young, but our years continue to count.

Still, there is room for what people tend to call time travel. We all know that if you go fast enough - and I mean: extremely fast – your physical processes start to operate at a different rate than the physical processes at your point of departure. And when you return, the sum of your experiences will have left you 'pass your time' at a seemingly slower rate than is the case for the people you left behind. You return a young man, and everybody else has aged or is possibly dead and buried.

It is a strange journey for sure. But it is not time travel in the sense that most people attach to it.

So let’s forget about time. Why bother about something that is relevant only in our measurements but that otherwise does not in reality exist.

Yes, as you progress, your biology and physiology changes. But this does not necessarily make you ‘old’. At one point you die. But you can still die someone young.

We can allow ourselves to increase our enjoyment in the present, live the present – day after day. Expand our senses to suck all experiences, everywhere, at every instant. Enrich ourselves, drink each precious when-and-where down to the bottom, in short: let’s live intense.

The more we do that, the longer we will live, or rather: the larger our life will be, and the richer our memories.


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