Sunday, October 08, 2006

Angels, angels out there in the cloud

Angels, angels out there in the cloud
What is my destiny
for which you have vowed?
Time and again my life was saved
A thousand deaths were somehow waved
The scooter from which I fell
The car that could have sent me straight to hell
And all those other accidents in your store
Or vicious traps right there at my door
That you kept out of harm’s way -
Why is it that you want me to stay?

Over the years I tabled my goals
All of them fell into big black holes
Again and again my destiny was kept at bay
I never really grasped what you wanted to say
And even when mistakes I made
So huge, that in the end I was afraid
No purpose ever could be fulfilled
And it was I, myself, who really killed
All likelihood of a worthy cause
Thus did I count my failures, loss after loss
And yet each time a new horizon came in view
Chances for me, or otherwise for just a happy few

And now again a mission is laid at my feet
I know, it is of my own doing, my own treat,
A dream so beautiful and noble to pursue
Can I really benefit all, give everyone his due?
All the lessons that I learned must go in the balance
They will have to guide me to the final essence
Of what it is that a man should accomplish
Rather than to merely live at the whim of his wish
Even the reptiles understood this from their early days
It was for their offspring they had to make a case
All that life will count, as it goes on
Is what the organism for posterity has won
And then it leaves you to rest
To dream forever about what you did best.

The Hague, October 2006


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