Friday, December 29, 2006


Early this year I set up this Blog first of all to settle in a place on the Internet where I could readily and freely publish my thoughts on subjects that interest me. I am aware of the fact that Blogging first of all is a satisfaction for the Blogger, even if it largely is a one-way-traffic for most of us.

Well is it? I rarely read comments. I have no clue who visits my Blog, nor do I know how many people can actually find me.

Nonetheless, the exercise of publishing my thoughts at regular intervals in this fashion is a very gratifying activity. I have now accumulated a large number of essays, of my own hand, which otherwise I wouldn’t have written. I can now consider publishing them in a classic form, if I like, .i.e. by turning it into a book.

But then of course, the same question still applies. Who would be interested?

I intend to continue this Blog well into the next year. I may have to reconsider the themes and subjects, perhaps even the style of my Blog. But all in all, I feel, I should not change much of its spirit and outlook.

Having said this, I should welcome any feedback, any suggestion, any comment that may guide me in pursuing this exercise.

So please, if by chance you read this request, kindly consider responding to it.


Blogger lyn said...

hi Theo,

Go on writing, I enjoy reading your views on life and the conversations you have! If you can, do turn your experiences into a book, which will, undoubtedly, attract some and probably bore others, but who cares! You are the creator, just do it, for your Self!
Will comment on your conversation with you african friend now.

1:38 AM  
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